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Vision & Activities

A Temper for Life & Learning


Kusum Vidhyalaya capsules its philosophy on the lines of life. The primary objective of education, thus, is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. The uniqueness of its approaches in nurturing young blends with the ideals that the great end of education is to discipline rather than to furnish the mind; to train it to use of its own powers, rather than fill it with the accumulation of others.

At Kusum Vidhyalaya, the aim is to foster a love of learning good working habits, boost analyzing abilities and solve problems. This is achieved through maintaining excellent academic standard, high morals and socio-cultural values, inspired by mutual respect.


A Transmission of Civilization


Different countries. Different states. Different Cities. Different towns. Each is distinct from the other in terms of culture and people, which is an integral part of the overall world civilization.

At Kusum Vidhyalaya, while inculcating the cultural ethos of India, it also fosters a sustained absorption of the world civilization, making the students ready to create position for themselves on the international platform. The school has been design to impart integrated education, drawing the best from our own rich culture and heritage, powered with the latest in commerce, science and morden technology. In short the assimilation and learning of different cultures, while upholding the socio-cultural values of one’s own country, is the credo!


A Quest for All-round Development


“What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.”

George Bernard Shaw.


To complement the ideals of such great visionaries, Kusum Vidhyalaya aims at all-round development of the child. The school is proud to assert that an outstanding holistic education is in its pulse. However brief or long the student is here, the vision is all about building effectively on their previous experience, their ability to communicate, their previous knowledge and inherent talents. Developing the student’s total personality on progressive line with a comprehensive mental outlook, respect and reverence, not just for the subject but all factors, within the ambit of learning the subject.


A Vision for India

All who have meditated in the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth. Aristotle would appreciate, seeing his views being blended into the Vision of Kusum Vidhyalaya.

For any school to fulfill its objectives, it is necessary that it combines all the forces that govern those objectives to be in sync with the prosperity of the nation.

In keeping with this vision, Kusum Vidhyalaya not only aims at educating the youth, but also making them exemplary citizens.


The School


·         Students are immersed in a safe, caring environment in which high standards of behavior, effort and performance are the keys to good upbringing.

·         Located at the prime area of valsad on expanse of 20000 sq. miters Land.

·         Excellent infrastructure, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, like laboratories, computer centers, library, audio-visual, sports room and self-content classrooms.

·         Open expanse of land for playground and other outdoor activities.

·         Clean and hygienic surroundings.

·         The school is committed to continuous, sustained developments.

Grade & Opportunities


  • The school imparts education to students from kindergarten to Higher Secondary.
  • Equal education opportunity is offered for boys as well as girls, without discriminations of caste community, religion, creed, nationality and socio-economics background.

The Curriculum


  • The curriculum stimulates intellectual curiosity and encourages the acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills and understanding, including links with the community.
  • Sustained efforts are put to structure the curriculum for career prospects.
  • The curriculum enables students to see and understand the interdependence of the various branches of knowledge and activity, including those which do not fit into the neat pigeonhole of a subject.

Language of Instruction: English/ Gujarati


Extra-Curricular Activities


·         Quiz

·         Folk Dances

·         Elocutions

·         Debates

·         Dramatics

·         Music

·         Clay Moulding

·         Art & Craft

·         Sports Activities

·         Major festivals of all religions are also celebrated with fervor and gaiety, so as to promote tolerance and love for all races and creeds.

Role of Parents & Teachers


  • Parents are provided a variety of opportunities to become fully aware and also get engaged in their children’s educational experience.
  • Each grade has specialized teachers for different subjects.
  • The school actively recruits teachers with training and experience, appropriate to their primary assignments, and provides opportunities and support for professional development.

Cutting-edge Education